Pregnancy Exercises E-Book To Reduce Pelvic Pain

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If you suffer pregnancy pelvic or back pain then this E-book is for you! It will:

  • Reduce your pain & prevent it from getting worse
  • Reduce muscle tension & tightness
  • Increase your core & pelvic stability
  • Help you feel good throughout your whole pregnancy
  • Optimise your recovery postpartum

This E-Book contains SIMPLE & SAFE exercises to do during your ENTIRE pregnancy. That’s right, you can start this E-Book at ANY STAGE during your pregnancy – the sooner the better in fact!

And the best thing? It only takes 15 minutes to complete! What’s 15 minutes out of your day if you can maximise your physical health during your pregnancy?!

This E-Book has been created by Pregnancy Expert, Anna Scammell, who has a Masters in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

1 review for Pregnancy Exercises E-Book To Reduce Pelvic Pain

  1. Gemma

    I found Anna’s stretching guide an essential during my pregnancy! As well as easing the pain in my hips and pelvis and improving mobility it also taught me isolate and identify the different muscles to better describe the areas requiring treatment. I have also continued to use it post pregnancy. I can’t recommend the guide highly enough in keeping you comfortable and mobile during your pregnancy, birth and beyond!

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