You deserve to have the very best

recovery post-pregnancy & birth.

Being a new mum is without a doubt one of the most challenging times in life. Not only do you have a little human to look after, but you have to navigate postpartum recovery alone.

Well, not anymore!!!

 I am going to guide you through your entire postpartum recovery from day 1 post-birth, teaching you how to heal your pelvic floor, ab separation & regain a sense of self.


The Postpartum Academy is an online program with essential expert education & a complete Physio-led recovery Pilates program.

It includes 14 x modules with video, audio & PDF content, which you can digest at your own pace without leaving the house!

This program guides you through the steps to take to have the best recovery possible following both vaginal birth & c-section.

The Postpartum Academy


Understanding your core muscles and how to heal your abdominal separation & pelvic floor safely is key to your recovery!

Starting controlled exercises & stretches at week 1-2 post-birth will help you regain strength after pregnancy & birth, improve your posture & core stability.

The Postpartum Academy includes a complete Pilates program with Core Foundations series for 1-6 weeks and 5 levels of Pilates from 6 weeks to 4+ months postpartum.

Classes are all run by Anna, Women’s Health Physiotherapist & experienced Pilates instructor.

Too often new mums WISH they did more to prioritise their physical & emotional recovery straight after birth.

I don’t want this to be you!

 By following the strategies & exercises in my program, you can have an empowered, stronger recovery & return to exercise safely.

 Regardless of whether you have a brand new bundle of joy in your arms or are years down the track,


For 1:1 expert assessment & management to help you navigate your postpartum recovery...