Childbirth…it’s such a unique experience for every single woman. But, there is one commonality – preparation. We can all prepare ourself as best we can.


I invite you to educate & empower yourself before giving birth. Because, even though you can’t control what happens on the day, you can start shifting your mindset now & equipping yourself with strategies to manage the pain.


The key to preparation is not to overwhelm yourself with 100 different books on childbirth. Read a select few that you’ve been recommended from practitioners or other mums.


I have recommended the following book on childbirth to hundreds of my pregnant clients & their feedback has been amazing. Now it’s your turn to get your hands on a copy of….


Birth Skills by Juju Sundin & Sarah Murdoch

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This easy-to-read book on childbirth will:

  • Help you understand labour pain & the different stages of labour.
  • Help to elicit a positive mindset surrounding labour.
  • Reduce your fears surrounding childbirth.
  • Teach you strategies to best prepare for birth.
  • Teach you pain management techniques you can use during labour – like breathing, movement, visualisation & vocalisation.
  • Teach your partner the role they can play during labour.
  • Share different women’s labour experiences using the books techniques.


Once you have read Birth Skills, I would love to hear what you found most helpful?


Happy reading,



Anna x