I’m a big believer in having a morning routine. Why? – Because it primes me for the rest of the day, and is my time to look after myself.


Now, before you dismiss the idea of a morning routine because you have kids, I want you to keep reading, as I have some wisdom install for you that will change your mind!


Did you know that the most successful people in the world all have certain morning rituals in common? Yep, it’s true! This has been researched and documented, and is why having a morning routine is so powerful.


Now, remember that success looks and feels different to every one of us. Contrary to popular belief, success doesn’t need to be super yachts and Lamborghinis (but totally fine if that’s your thing!). Success can mean having abundance in all aspects of your life- relationships/health/career/finances, it can mean being a loving mother, offering value to the community, having a career you are passionate about, having financial freedom, and the list goes on.


Whatever success is to you, there are habits you can commit to that will overtime propel you in the direction of achieving your goals and being the best version of yourself.


I mean, who doesn’t want this in life?!


A morning routine is a way you can commit to these healthy habits each and every day, and get the most out of life.


Here is my morning routine – habits I share with the most successful people in the world! 😉

1. Re-hydrate 

The first thing I do when I wake up is re-hydrate. Overnight our bodies become dehydrated and it’s important that we replenish this. I have a big glass of warm water, plus a glass of my magnesium powder or a lemon and ginger tea.

So before you head to the coffee machine of a morning, be sure to stop past the water jug and have a big glass of water (ideally warm) to help rehydrate. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

2. Meditate

A non-negotiable of mine is meditation. No matter what I have on that day, I make sure I wake up 20 minutes earlier to fit in my mediation. Why? Because it’s the best thing I have ever done for my mental health. You don’t need to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate, in fact it’s really important that you are comfortable. I sit upright in my bed with my back supported by pillows and doona keeping me warm.

There are all different types of meditation and you need to find one that feels right for you. I love Vedic meditation which is mantra based. You can learn more about Vedic meditation using One Giant Mind AppOtherwise I suggest you download Insight Timer, which has a range of different meditation styles you can try. Remember, 5 minutes of a mindfulness practise every morning is better than nothing!


3. Affirmations

After my 20-minute meditation, I use the next 2 minutes to say affirmations in my head. This is a powerful practise to re-wire our subconscious mind. The trick is to say “I am” statements as if you already experience/feel what you are saying, rather than “I will” statements. Examples are “I am love”, “I am enough”, “I am abundant”, “I am energetic”. You can make up “I am” statements based on what your goals or intentions are. If you feel silly or weird, that’s ok – I did too when I started! But stick with it, because overtime you get used to it.


 4. Coffee!

Yes, I am human, and I do love my morning coffee! I love going to a local café on my way down to the beach for my morning walk. Moderate consumption of good quality coffee has been shown to have some health benefits so a coffee a day is totally fine. It’s all about the quantity though – if you’re having several per day you might want to look at cutting back and why you are craving the caffeine hit. What is your food intake for the day – are you substituting coffee for food? Do you need to eat more nutrient dense, regular meals to keep your energy levels stable?


5. Exercise

Moving your body in the morning increases your energy, gets your blood pumping, endorphins flowing and so good for your mental clarity too. I love getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, so my go to form of exercising is walking along Bondi beach or the coastal walk (hard life I know!). I also love yoga and Pilates.

For many, the thought of exercising in the morning is a turn off, as they can’t bear the thought of hitting the pavement or smashing their body at F45. If this is you, then the solution is simple – change the type of exercise you do! Exercise is only sustainable when you enjoy it. So try something more gentle on your body, like walking or yoga, and meet up with a friend to make yourself accountable.

If you leave exercise until later in the day, there is a high chance you will make excuses as to why you can’t (we’ve all been there!), so get that box ticked in the morning and feel better for the rest of the day.


6. Fuel your temple

What we eat for breakfast fuels our energy levels, mood and behaviour that day. It’s super important to break your fast by eating a healthy first meal of the day. Aim to have protein and good fats in your breakfast, ideally with vegetables, rather than a refined cereal that is generally packed with sugar. My go to brekky is a mish mash of 2 eggs, broccolini, zucchini, spinach, avocado, feta and olive oil on the fry pan. It’s quick, easy and delish!

The time you eat will be dependent on your day and your hunger levels. Fasting overnight and the next morning has actually been shown to have health benefits, so there is no need to eat first thing in the morning.



I know there is one question on your mind – “How on earth do I fit that in my morning?!”


Well, here’s what you do…you wake up earlier! Before the rest of the household!


We all have excuses as to why we can’t get up earlier, and the only one that stands up is having a baby! If you have a new baby, you must sleep when you can! But I still do encourage you to have somewhat of a routine that works in around your bub, such as meditating when they go down for their morning sleep. Apart from new mums, the rest of us have no excuses! We make time for what we prioritise, so if you have a family or a job that needs you in the morning, waking up earlier is the only solution.


The trick is to go to bed earlier at night so you are not losing any sleep. It may be challenging at first, but then your body clock will get used to it.


Why is a morning routine worth it?


Because the morning is your time! Time without “mum, mumm, mummmmm” every 2 seconds or without turning on your phone and having a million and one emails flood in. It’s time to take care of yourself. To fill yourself up with energy for the rest of the day and to give your kids, your loved ones, your work etc.



Tell me in the comments below – do you have a morning routine? Would you consider creating one after this post? I’d love to hear from you!


Anna x