Meet Jazz – the Owner & Founder of Ever Nurture. Ever Nurture is the place to find all your eco, natural & organic products for growing families with a focus on small AU brands. Jazz is a Midwife and Maternal & Child Health Nurse. She is passionate about supporting parents transitioning to parenthood. Jazz shares her top tips for birth & tells us all about the story behind Ever Nurture.

Tell us about your business Ever Nurture…

Ever Nurture is an online store for growing families with a range of eco, natural and organic products for pregnancy through to raising kids, and everything in between. We stock products from small Australian brands (and a handful of international brands) and are big believers in supporting small business.

The idea for Ever Nurture came about in February 2018 and by July 2018 the website was launched.

Through my work as a Midwife and Child Health Nurse, I started to notice families using eco, natural and organic products from small Australian brands. I decided that I would start Ever Nurture to allow people to find a heap of these great products all in the one place. I hope to inspire parents to choose sustainable, safe and toxin free products to use with their families. You can read articles from the founders of some of the brands we stock at our blog – we are passionate about sharing their stories.

Why should we be using eco, natural and organic products for ourselves and our little ones?


When I started researching products and brands to potentially stock at Ever Nurture, I was alarmed by the number of products out there that contain harmful ingredients. There are loads of safer alternatives for our every day products and my mission for Ever Nurture became to share these alternatives with families.


A few key ingredients to AVOID:

Sulphates – Sulphates are surfactants which attract both oil and water making them extremely good for removing grease from heavy machinery, cleaning and lathering. I don’t know about you but a product that is good for cleaning heavy machinery isn’t something I want to put on a human body! Sulphate free products are much more gentle and prevent the stripping away of natural oils in the skin and hair.


Parabens – Parabens are basically preservatives that are used in many personal care products, as well as in food to prevent the growth of microbes. It can be absorbed right through your skin, blood and digestive system. The health concerns associated with parabens includes endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity and cancer. In some European countries, parabens are banned in cosmetics and children’s products.


Mineral Oil – This stuff is colourless, odourless and is an oil made from petroleum. This is a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to GASOLINE! Studies looking at fat specimens from women who underwent c-sections as well as collecting samples from breast milk, found that both samples were contaminated with mineral oil. It was suspected that these accumulated over time due to repeated exposure to mineral oil. Mineral oil also clogs your pores and doesn’t even provide any benefits for your skin. There is little known about the impacts from mineral oil on our health.


This list is by no means exhaustive and provides a snapshot of the importance of reducing exposure to chemicals in the products we use every day. I encourage you to look at what is in the products you have at home. If you could choose a more natural and healthy alternative – why wouldn’t you?

From your Midwifery experience, what are 5 ways women can best prepare for childbirth?


I have learnt so much from the couples I have worked with in my career so far. People prepare for childbirth in lots of different ways and I don’t think that one unique approach will suit everyone.


1. Keep an open mind

This is probably the most important point. Making a ‘plan’ for birth is absolutely a fantastic idea, however a birth plan should be flexible and include different scenarios. When a birth plan is one-dimensional and doesn’t consider alternative outcomes, this can cause stress and panic for couples during the birthing experience. A birth plan encourages you to think outside the box and allows couples to discuss what they might choose or prefer to do depending on what path the labour and birth takes. A flexible birth plan allows caregivers to support and navigate you in the right direction during labour.


2. Get educated 

I believe that couples benefit hugely from educating themselves about childbirth. Without an understanding of the process of labour and possible outcomes, it is difficult to make informed decisions during the child birthing experience. Whether you choose to do some online education, face to face childbirth classes at the hospital you are attending or choose a private antenatal educator – even the most basic level of understanding can help you feel more mentally prepared for birth.


3. Support each other 

The lead up to birth can be scary and overwhelming for parents. By communicating openly with your partner and figuring out the best way to support each other – you’ll have a much more positive experience.

4. Keep active

Physical activity is important during pregnancy. There are loads of benefits to keeping fit during pregnancy including increasing energy, reducing back and pelvic pain, preparing for physical demands of labour and improving sleep. Always discuss with your Midwife/Doctor and Women’s Health Physio to ensure the exercise you are participating in is safe and appropriate for you.


5. Breathe

Practicing some relaxation and breathing techniques during pregnancy that you can utilise during labour can be very helpful. Deep breathing and relaxing for 5-10 minutes each day can help to provide a sense of calm. If you’re feeling panicky during labour you can go back to these breathing techniques and utilise them to regulate your breathing and emotions.



What strategies do you see women using during birth that are most helpful?

Breathing techniques, warm water/showers, music and movement.



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