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Returning to Exercise Post-baby: Part Two

Since there is a severe lack of postpartum exercise guidelines, I have decided enough is enough, and have put together my own for you! These Guidelines are based on available evidence-based information and my expertise as a Masters-trained Women’s Health...

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Returning to Exercise Post-baby: Part One

I get asked about returning to exercise post-baby every week, so I thought it was about time I dedicated a blog post to it!   As you may have noticed, there is a lack of information and education on this topic. The available guidelines on exercise post-baby are...

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The Postnatal Exercise App I Recommend New Mums

Every new mama needs to get her hands on this Postnatal Exercise App: Exercising after you have a baby is a daunting prospect for many women. It's so incredibly important that you know what is safe exercise for you to be doing during this time, and are guided by an...

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Why and How Comparison Needs To Stop

Today I want to talk about the comparison game.   As I observe mothers and the influence of social media, it is clear that comparison-itis is real (maybe not a real word, but it’s definitely a real thing!). Probably more than ever before, there is a tendency to...

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The Key To Getting Your ‘Pre-Baby Body’ Back

One of the most common questions I get asked as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, is “What exercise can I do to get my pre-baby body back?”   If only it were that easy!   The answer to this question is far more complex, so I am going to debunk the myth that...

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9 Must-Have Tips To Prepare For Childbirth

You may not be able to control your labour experience, but you can most definitely prepare for childbirth. I am going talk you through the best ways you can prepare for childbirth, both physically and mentally.   1. Prepare Your Pelvic Floor. You’ve heard it...

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