Do you suffer from muscle tension and pain?

Maybe in your shoulders and upper back from breastfeeding your baby?

Or maybe in your pelvis during pregnancy?

Or maybe in your back from all the lifting and carrying you do?

Or maaaaybe in all of the above areas from doing all the things a mother does?!



If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then this little lifesaver is for you!!


It’s cheap, easy to use, and it’s even small enough to carry in your handbag! Yes, that’s right, this little baby is a travel companion of mine! It’s like my mobile Physio!


So without further ado, I introduce you to the…




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It may be small but don’t be deceived, it can certainly get into your muscle tension! No pain no gain they say…GOOD pain that is!



Here are 3 common areas of muscle tension where you can use the spiky ball


1. Butt muscles (Glutes) if you have lower back or pelvic pain:

a) Against the floor


b) Against the wall

2. The muscles either side of your spine (Paraspinals) if you have upper back pain:

  • Place ball between your spine and your shoulder blade


3. Shoulders (Upper traps) if you have shoulder or neck pain:

So, how do you use a spiky ball?

  • Find a solid surface.
  • Place the spiky ball between the area of muscle tension and the surface.
  • Put your weight on the spiky ball.
  • Find a tense and sore spot in your muscle.
  • Hold the spiky ball in this spot.
  • BREATHE until the pain eases!
  • Or roll the ball around on your muscle.


And the best thing? You can safely do this while you are pregnant or while bubs lies next to you 🙂


So my advice – get yourself a spiky ball!!! Click here to get yours. You can thank me later!


Happy spiky balling,



Anna x